17th international specialised exhibition for design, construction and operation of transport infrastructure facilities

28–30 September 2016, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Русская версия
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Application procedure and dates

Company wishing to take part in the Exhibition shall forward an Application to RESTEC Exhibition Company.

The company shall be considered registered as Exhibitor after the Organizer receives the Application form.

Applications received less than 30 days prior to the Exhibition shall be considered only if exhibition space will be available.

Soon after receipt the Application form for participation in the Exhibition the Organizer shall direct to the Exhibitor the Contract for participation, an invoice and the Exhibitor Manual.

Services package and payment

The Services package includes the registration fee, exhibition space rental, additional services and equipment. Prices for services provided by the Organizer are indicated in the Application Form and in the Exhibitor Manual.

REGISTRATION FEE  is 450 EUR and includes registration of two participants, company description – maximum 600 letters in Russian/English in the official catalogue listing and a copy of that catalogue, 5 complimentary tickets, the participation in all events except the ones which need personal invitation

INDOOR SPACE ONLY  (from 15 m²) costs 200 EUR   per 1 sq m and includes space, general aisle cleaning, general pavilion security

STANDARD EQUIPPED SPACE (from 9 m²)costs 255 EUR  per 1 sq m  and includes space, rear and side walls, floor covering, coat rack, waste-paper basket,  fascia name up to 8 characters free of charge, one  table,  two chairs , 1 spotlight per 9 sqm,  general aisle cleaning, general pavilion security. 

OUTDOOR SPACE costs 65 EUR per 1 sq m  

Exhibitor can book additional equipment for the stand from the Exhibitor Manual, which is inseparable part of this Form.


(opening onto alley)                             

without premium, min. size 9 sqm



(opening onto 2 alleys)                     

+10% on space rate



(opening onto 3 alleys)                     

+15%   on space rate



(opening onto 4 alleys)                     

+20% on space rate


ADMINISTRATION FEE is 150 EUR                                                                


The Organizer implements general security of the Exhibition territory (to secure pass mode in day and night time and keep the public order on exhibition territory within business hours). The security service guard does not bear any responsibility within business hours for safety, loss or damage of exhibits and other assets belonging to Exhibitor, their agents or persons working for an Exhibitor or invited by them.

Fire and technical safety, quarantine and sanitary rules and regulations

Exhibitors shall comply with the following requirements on fire and technical safety:

Smoking is allowed only in specially designated and equipped areas.

When operating electrical appliances and equipment it is prohibited to:

  • use damaged sockets, switches and other electrical equipment;
  • in case of some failure of electrical equipment it is strongly prohibited to mend it by own efforts without an appointed electrician;
  • to wrap lighting equipment with paper, fabric and other flammable materials as well as to use them with removed caps;
  • to leave without control plugged electric heating appliances, TV sets, radios, etc.;
  • to use non-standard electric heating appliances, fuses or other non-standard (self-made) equipment destined for protection against short-circuit

It is prohibited to obstruct fire passages, passages leading to fire taps and power switchboards with boxes and other containers left after placing exhibits at stands.

All events of special character, such, as lectures, demonstrations of films, distribution of the promotional materials out side of the Exhibitor stand, sound and musical support, the Exhibitor should previously coordinate with the Organizer.

It is absolutely forbidden to:

  • Use nails or glue in the decoration of the stand to avoid damage of the wall panels.
  • Smoke, use open fire or unsound electrical devices, use highly inflammable and acrid liquids, to cumber stand and passages with empty tare
  • Carry out advertising and commercial activity for the companies not accredited at the Exhibition.

Cancellation or postponement of the Exhibition

n the event the Exhibition dates are changed or the Exhibition is cancelled because of circumstances beyond the Organizer's control, RESTEC™ Exhibition Company shall notify Exhibitors of it in writing within 3 days after the occurrence of such circumstances in accordance with the Contract.

Property of the Organiser

In case of damage or loss of the exhibition equipment and/or of a property given by the Organizer, the Exhibitor shall compensate their market cost.

In case you have any questions or need additional information contact Oksana Nikulushkina
Tel./Fax: +7 812 303 88 66, E-mail: